Welcome back to ArtSpace! We hope you had a wonderful, safe and happy holiday. The Arts team are very excited about the year ahead and we are looking forward to inspiring our students/your children to reach their creative potential! We are also extremely happy to have our permanent spaces back for Junior Arts and Performing Arts classes. Aside from our weekly Arts Classes, this year is a Concert Year so watch this space for upcoming information and important dates.

This year’s team members are:

Georgina Nankervis,  Laurelle Fribbs,  Garry Evans, Zoe Hurrey 


If there are any questions about our Arts programs please come up and speak to any member of the Arts team.

Art Space – Year 4

As part of our Identity Unit, Year 4 students in Visual Arts have been learning about Portraits. Students viewed and discussed a variety of famous portraits including a video of Peggy Flores demonstrating how to draw a face using shape, proportion and placement. Students then used their student netbook cameras to photograph themselves or a friend before sketching a portrait using grey lead pencils. Our students then learnt different water colouring techniques to give life and colour to their artwork. The end results have been stunning. Towards the end of the term some of these portraits will be displayed in the corridor in the main building near the Senior Arts Room. I’m sure you’ll be impressed!  

Art Quote of the Week:

“There’s no symmetry in nature. One eye is never exactly the same as the other. There’s always a difference. We all have a more or less crooked nose and an irregular mouth.”

Edouard Manet    

Art Space – Year 3

Different Year 3 classes are doing either Visual or Performing Arts in Term 1 and they will swap over in Term 2.

In Visual Arts, the students have created a front cover ‘poster’ look design in their journals using specialty craft paper. Learning and incorporating the skills of block/bubble writing showing an awareness of size, shape, spacing and readability. The students are now taking a magical journey into their imagination in a unit called ‘Creative lmaginary Creatures’ and learning new skills in colour mixing, design and collage as they explore contrasting colours, shape, size, spatial relationships and theme.

In Performing Arts, we are exploring elements of Music through playing and researching a variety of melodic and non-melodic percussion instruments. There is a particular focus on playing the xylophones thinking about beat, rhythmic patterns and melody, as well as singing, playing and creating songs. There will be a whole class performance of a musical piece with rotating groups of singers, rhythm percussion players and a melodic xylophone section. Lots of enjoyment by all J

Laurelle Fribbs, Garry Evans

Arts Quote of the Week:   ‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together’ ~ Vincent van Gogh

Art Space – Year 2

Our Artistic year has started wonderfully with all year 2 classes doing Visual Arts this term. The students started by discovering magic when they learnt blending techniques using different pastel colours to create new colours. They were certainly very excited about their discoveries. They are now using their drawing and painting skills to contribute to ‘Our Year 2 Portrait Poster’ featuring all the students in their grade. We are also looking forward to our hand-printing unit and then creating our Carnevale masks to wear in the big school Parade in Term 2.

Laurelle Fribbs

Arts Quote of the Week:    “We are each unique and beautiful, but together we are a masterpiece” – Author Unknown


Art Space – Year 1

Year 1 Art

The Year One students have had a great start in the Junior art room.  They have begun with a focus on celebrations and artwork from different cultures by learning about ‘Chinese New Year’, also known as “Lunar New Year”.

Students have begun to create a Chinese Dragon puppet. They have thought about the use of colour and putting in their best effort to colour in the dragon’s head and tail. Construction will begin next week to create the dragon body. Once complete the dragon puppet will be used to explore the traditional Dragon dance performed during Chinese New Year celebrations.

 (Georgina Nankervis- Foundation/Year 1 Art Teacher)


‘The Jukes’ and ‘MPHPS Acoustic Group’

Music students from Mill Park Heights PS enjoyed a fantastic experience last Friday spending time at the Lalor North Secondary College Recording Studio. Members of ‘The Jukes’ Ukulele Group and our ‘Acoustic Music Group’ recorded a variety of songs they have been learning throughout 2018. Songs recorded included: On Top of Spaghetti, Supercalifragilistic, 5 Song Pop Medley, Rock and Roll Music and Proud Mary. As well as recording the songs mentioned, students spent time in the Electric Drum and Keyboard Labs. This event is also a lead up to our Big Night Out performance at Lalor North SC where ‘The Jukes’ will be performing ‘The Addams Family Theme’ and our ‘Acoustic Music Group’ will be performing ‘Coming Home’ by the Australian Group ‘Sheppard’ on Wednesday October 17th. We really can’t wait for our talented music students to shine on the big stage!

Mr Evans

Art Quote of the Week:

‘Where words fail, music speaks.’ Hans Christian Andersen


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