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ArtSpace – Ukulele Group

After school each Monday, some very enthusiastic students meet in the Visual Arts Room to sing songs and learn how to play the ukulele. Students learn how to hold the ukulele, learn different strumming techniques, understand musical terminology as well as gain experience playing a variety of chords and songs from various music genres. Songs we have been learning this semester include: Rock ‘n’ Roll Music, On Top of Spaghetti, Blue Suede Shoes and Found a Peanut. We are looking forward to recording these songs towards the end of Term 3 when we visit Lalor North Secondary College to spend time in their Recording Studio. We have also been invited again to perform at the Big Night Out in October. Well done to all our ukulele students. Keep practising and keep on strumming!  Mr Evans

Art Quote of the Week: ‘It’s hard to frown when ukulele music is going down!’ Anonymous


Art Space – Year 4

This term, Year 4 students have been studying Drama in the Performing Arts room.

Over the first few weeks, we have focused on the area of storytelling through silent role play. Students participated in individual, paired and group activities learning how to use facial expression, body language, gesture and character development to convey a story, idea or message. Students were also given specific scenarios to rehearse while working in small group situations. Each group then performed a silent role play scenario to their peers to complete the unit of work. Audiences successfully guessed the stories behind the scenarios which gave our students a great sense of achievement during and after each performance. For the remainder of the term we will be focussing on completing our Carnevale Masks for our Carnevale Parade and beginning a unit of Music.

Mr Evans

Art Quote of the Week:

‘All the world’s a stage!’

William Shakespeare

From Junior School Council

JSC is a role for students who want to be a role model at this school and in the future. JSC stands for Junior School Council, students from Years 3 to 6 work with Ms Gale and Mr Patterson. The meetings are most Thursdays at lunchtime. Students and the teachers talk about making our school a better school. To be elected for a JSC role, each class votes for students who have written and presented a speech about why they would be a great JSC rep. The top two people from each grade, who have been voted for JSC, will become a JSC rep and reserve. On Friday the 26th of April, Rose, School Council President, handed out badges and certificates to JSC representatives. Isaac in Grade 4C says that, “I always wanted to be helpful to others and make the school a better place.” Saathana in Grade 4C also says that “I never gave up on the role and I used my personal best and made everyone feel good.” Lastly Sameer in 3C says, “As a JSC representative, I feel like a role model to younger students and it makes me a better and respectful person.” Adalia and Khy, 6A Representative and Reserve




Art Space – Year 2 Performing Arts

The students have moved into Performing Arts for this term after a fantastic Term 1 in Visual Arts. They are now playing a variety of percussion instruments focusing on beat and rhythm as well as symbols representing sounds. They will also create and perform a ‘Soundscape’ as a whole class, and in small groups, (telling a story through music/sound).

We are looking forward to finishing the decorations on our Carnevale masks and wearing them in the big school Parade in Term 2.

Laurelle Fribbs

Arts Quote of the Week

 “Music is what feelings sound like.” – Author Unknown

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